Emergency Car Repairs

 Rely on a service that’s just a call away. Give Fast Recovery & Repair Service a call for the best in emergency car repairs in Bonnyrigg, Midlothian.

Our Vehicles

A breakdown doesn’t have to be frustrating thanks to our super-quick rescue service. We use a specialised vehicle called Roger Dyson SLA (Super Low Approach). These vehicles are top of the range and used by the RAC (Royal Automobile Club) and police. We’re one of only two companies in Edinburgh who have one.  


The benefit of this vehicle is that it goes low to the ground, unlike other recovery vehicles which tend to only tilt 45 degrees. This keeps your vehicle damage-free. The other trucks we use are called Crew Cabs, which carry up to five people, so no one is left behind.

Emergency Call-Outs

When you call us the first thing we do is a risk assessment to check whether your vehicle is blocking the road and how we get you into our vehicle safely. We also always prioritise female customers when it comes to breakdowns, so you know you’re in safe hands with us.
Once the car is uplifted we take it to our garage, your home, or a third-party garage. When the recovery is covered by insurance we uplift and charge the insurance company directly with no cost to you. Our recovery specialists make the whole process as easy as possible

Vehicle removals

Let us deal with your burden of a vehicle. Our specialist recovery truck has a total lift facility, similar to those used for removing illegally parked cars and are often used by Sheriff Officers. However our facilities are also used for a variety of other purposes such as:

Vehicle removals

  • Removing derelict cars

  • Moving locked vehicles

  • Transporting non-MOT cars

Contact Fast Recovery & Repair Service for emergency car repairs that get you on the road again.